You have neglected us! Kabogo’s message to Uhuru Kenyatta


Hon. William Kabogo’s loss of the Kiambu Governorship to Hon. Waititu appears to have humbled him.

William Kabogo, with all his money, is now feeling what citizens feel after they elect leaders who later go missing.

Current clouds around Kiambu county indicate that the former Kiambu Governor is bitter at the rate at which corruption money is flowing around the country yet he doesn’t get a share.

On Sunday, Kabogo sent Kimende residents, Kiambu County, into flames when he took on the President saying Uhuru ameachilia jeshi.

“Mr President, your voters are not happy. If he passes here (Waiyaki Way), stop him and let him know he has let us down. And I am saying that openly!” Said a bitter Kabogo in vernacular as the crowd cheered in excitement.

Kabogo vividly recalled how the President asked ‘Jeshi’ to turn out in large numbers and vote so as to defeat NASA leader Raila Odinga in the 2017 general elections.

“Afadhali hii miradi yote isimamishwe hizo pesa tuletewe tugawane (Let him stop all the projects and divide that money among Kenyans). Ukienda Nyamakinya ni Mkikuyu anaumia huko (If you go to Nairobi’s down town, businessmen are suffering),” Kabogo said.

It is yet to be seen whether Kabogo’s attack on the President is because of a genuine concern of the same people whom he neglected when he was Governor.

Recently, Kabogo took on the Deputy President saying that if Ruto wants to be Kenya’s President in 2022, he has to do this one thing.


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