Deputy President has come out to address the plan by Senator James Orengo calling for his impeachment from office.

Orengo has recently made clear his intentions to introduce a motion seeking to impeach Ruto over his role in corruption scandals that have taken the center stage of Uhuru’s term in office.

But speaking in Vihiga county, DP Ruto said that he disagrees with the politics that involve a group of people masterminding things for their own selfish gains.

“What we don’t want is politics of people masterminding things for their own selfish interests,” DP Ruto said.

Ruto added that he is ready to face Orengo, should he bring the motion to impeach him adding that he is confidence to remain serving as the Deputy President until 2022.

“They are disturbed that Ruto is here and there. Let me ask, do we have two deputy presidents in Kenya?” Ruto pointed out.

DP Ruto has been vocal in communicating Jubilee’s effort and intention towards delivering on the Kenyan promise to the people.

“We are known for development plans, we don’t engage in meaningless politics. We agreed that we shall move ahead under the leadership of Uhuru Kenyatta where shall unite Kenyans and drive development,” Ruto said.