Controversial Kenyan artist Akothee is unhappy with a Sh25,000 cake she ordered from an undisclosed bakery.

Esther Akoth a.k.a. Akothee claims the cake was poorly baked and that the bakery should refund her money.

“This cake house better refund my money before I blow you. My 25,000 on my M-Pesa now or I come for you,” the mother of five shared on Instagram.

“This same i***t messed up my son’s birthday, and I dint mention, and today you have messed me on a big day again,” Akothee captioned a screenshot of a previous conversation with the cake house.

“You even wrote the name with a black pen it was white and gold with a touch of red where did black come from? Or because I am black?” she added.

Akothee with Roberto Linzi at the part [Photo: Courtesy]

While pointing put that she will return the poorly baked cake, Akothee asked the bakery to ensure they return her money in full failure to which she claims she will ensure their sales drop tremendously.

“I want to wake up with my money on my Mpesa as I return the cake or you see your sells go down by 70% this month,” she shared.

And despite her fans asking her to let the matter slide arguing that she is richer than the Sh25,000 she paid for the cake, Akothee has vowed not to let it go.