My Bundle Story


I was born 21 years ago. For no specific reason, my parents named me Julia. I later got Wanjiru from my grandfather. So my friends call me Shiru. Our family is not well off financially so when I tell friends that it’s through grace that I study at Daystar University, God has had to be my die hard witness. This is my bundle story.

I am currently in my final year working hard to be a master of international relations. Am the shortest in my class but at home, I carry the bragging rights. I have two elder sisters but from them, my nieces and nephews are enough to start a football team. A strong team. My elder sister is married, and with kids. The other is well settled abroad, leaving me the mama’s run to girl whenever there is a task that needs to be attended to. WhatsApp is our main communication channel at home.

Through WhatsApp, I am able to chat with my sisters, engage my parents on a few things and even keep those little ones occupied with the long WhatsApp messages. Through WhatsApp, we share videos, both the funny ones and those that are meant to inspire someone. The ones that I find myself forwarding even before I read. I am also able to create a big life to my friends through my WhatsApp stories. I mean, basically through WhatsApp, my family is united, whether am at home or at school.

Being 21 means many things today. Most importantly, being 21 means I am an adult. It means I can make the decisions that make me happy. Decisions I could not make even when I was 18. It means I can have a boyfriend and openly talk about it without being judged. It means I can move out from my parents’ house, attend parties whenever I want, sleep and wake up as I wish. Basically, being 21 means I am ripe to explore the adventures that life can offer. Being 21 also means that I am also the only one in my family who seems not to have a clear life purpose.

I just resumed school so I have limited time to spend reading tweets or following your Instagram stories. I have limited time to keep up with social trends, fashion, food and so forth that should not hold you back from sending me a text on WhatsApp.

Like many of you, I have long been thinking about switching networks but when the masters here decided that you must not be charged more for connecting with me on WhatsApp, #TuendeleeKuchat. Like that brother we never had, now we have an opportunity to Keep Talking.

I understand that it doesn’t always go well with you whenever I send a please call me but now whenever you receive the 2MB message, you can still text or call me as long as I am not in class. After all, I only have a few more months to receive your call before this profession calls me for a real gig.

I am sorry if some of you migrated and deleted my number for having decided to stay behind. It is because of people like you that I have learnt to stay firm even when faced with crediconomic challenges. I am still willing to forget the past and revamp our connection so whenever you feel ready to come back home, feel free to pass by the Blaze highway for some huge discounts customized to suite all your needs.

It is certain that you have many stories to tell me about the connection deficit you’ve had to withstand out there. Please feel free to leave a word in the comments section below. I will pick some when the time comes that I have to tell my kids stories of the lost sheep.

But now, in this moment, I have a class to catch. Like I told you, lecture sessions have resumed so until I see you on WhatsApp. Cheers!


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