Trump identifies Kenya as a leading crime spot in the world


A 2019 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report released by the US Department of State has listed Kenya as a leading transit point for regional and international drug traffickers and money laundering activities.

And while Kenya, through the International relations office is yet to respond to the report, the external image of the country continues to be tainted and as a result hindering investors.

“Kenya’s proximity to Somalia makes it an attractive location for laundering piracy-related proceeds, and a black market exists for smuggled and grey market goods,” the report pointed out.

And while Kenyans are now slowly growing tired of the high rate of corruption in the country the report indicates that Kenya’s proximity to Somalia and the country’s continues interference with Somali’s business makes it a crime target.

“Financial institutions engage in currency transactions connected to international narcotics trafficking involving significant amounts of U.S. currency derived from illegal sales in Kenya, other East Africa countries, the United States, and elsewhere,” the reported stated. 



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