The rise of single Parenthood


The digital age is slowly tearing away the African traditional family structure.

In the early days, a family was made up of father, mother and children with the extended family bringing cousins, aunts and uncles close to home.

Engaging in intimate relationships and even getting a child out of wedlock had serious consequences among mot Kenyan communities from the onset.

Today however, with the level of technology at our fingertips, the level of break-ups being experiences is alarming.

The ease of internet access is pushing locals to want to identify with other individuals across the board. Today, people can meet online, exchange contacts, become friends, get attached to one another and even plan to have a baby without having to meet physically.

Today, the harsh economic environment is not friendly for a middle age family set-up. People have no time to sit and discuss issues family issues.

Every moment is spent trying to get an extra coin and as such, young people have been left with no one to look up to.

According to Betty Kyallo, a divorced public figure in Kenya and a single mother, more and more women and men are having to take care of their children single handedly because the other parent chooses to abandon their responsibilities Incase of separation.

There are those that feel dishonest, mistrust, infidelity, unfaithfulness and all forms of relationship abuses are the major causes of separation. Truth is most people today are living in denial.

Most men and women are increasingly becoming abusers of body and sexual organs, making the traditional family set up of father, mother and children loose meaning.

And people will call it what they want to call it. People will slowly attach whatever reason they want to attach to the rising cases of single parenting but one thing remains, the effects of the digital age are slowly kicking in.

There is already a tickling bell on cases of young people taking their lives away due to depression. This is majorly because they have no one to talk to.

People are busy embracing technology that they have forgotten the essence of going back to spend time with their families.

Who wants a man or woman when you can have a child and be happy stress free?


  1. Capitalism sees children, wives/husbands, and sex which is mistakened to mean love as liabilities or burdens which curtail someone’s freedom.


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