The facts that show Uhuru has the interest of Youths at heart


State Spokesperson Kanze Dena has revealed that President Uhuru Kenyatta has the interest of young people at heart and is committed to fulfilling his youth promise before the end of his term in office.

Kanze Dena who made the claim during an interview at Ghetto Radio said that President Uhuru is seriously pushing and formulating policies that will see the youths in Kenya benefit greatly.

“President Kenyatta has the best interest of the youth at heart. He is working on several issues and pushing for policies that will ensure the youth are included in the country’s development agenda,” she said.

Kanze Dena added that the Government is very keen on the economic empowerment of the youth and has put in place several affirmative action funds including the Youth Fund and Uwezo Fund.

“Youth who are seeking resources for entrepreneurship should leverage on these funds,” Kanze Dena said.

Kanze Dena also pointed out that ongoing projects such as SGR ranks top among the indicators that the Jubilee government is focused on improving the living standards of citizens, especially youths in Kenya.

“SGR has created employment opportunities for the youth. There are jobs for those who work in the train, for taxi operators who ferry passengers to and from the terminus, for the youth who operate equipment for the #SGR cargo train among others,” she added.


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