The Directorate of Criminal Investigations has arrested Samuel Gateri, the witness who filed an application to withdraw from Dennis Itumbi’s case.

Dennis Itumbi. [PHOTO/ COURTESY]

Gateri was arrested at a Nairobi Hotel and is being detained at Shauri Moyo police station.

While speaking on phone, Gateri’s lawyer said that detectives who came in two cars and dressed casually walked in and arrested Gateri without explaining the reason for the arrest.

“I tried to intervene to establish why he was being arrested, but the officers, and we don’t know whether they are really officers or not, were violent, bundled him in a car and sped off,” Majimbo said on the phone.

This comes a week after the office of the Director of Criminal Investigations dismissed claims that Gateri was among the state witnesses lined up to testify in Itumbi’s case.

Gateri’s arrest follows remarks by the DCI that he is a suspect in the assassination case and not a report as media reports had reported.

Gateri who admitted in court that he is a member of the Tangatanga WhatsApp group which is believed to be behind the assassination letter that recently went viral told the court that police officers had forced him to accept that he spoke to DP Ruto in Itumbi’s La Mada Hotel assassination plot case.

Gateri had earlier been listen as a witness in a case that he says police demanded he agrees to claims that he witnessed Cabinet Secretaries held meetings at the hotel and planned to eliminate Ruto.

While pointing out that his life is in danger following the threats he has been receiving and a failed kidnapping attempt, Gateri asked the court to ensure that his statement is produced in court claiming that he was forced to sign it.