Sonko exposed over misuse of public funds and Sh96 Million ‘confidential budget’ that he acquired secretly


Naiobi Governor Hon. Mike Sonko has been exposed for misuse of public funds after it emerged that he is unable to answer how he acquired a ‘confidential budget’ of Sh96 Million.

Sonko has been enjoying the secret budget since he was elected Nairobi Governor.

Details of the amounts broke loose during a County Assembly oversight committee after executives from Sonko’s office could not explain the purpose of the Sh96 million taxpayers money.

Keen to not that the committee also learnt that the ‘confidential budget’ has never been approved as part of the county’s financial plan.

So how exactly is Sonko enjoying an unapproved amount of millions and what is he doing with the money?

“Having a confidential budget is normal. Running Nairobi is not a joke. There are so many things happening under my office,” said Sonko.

According to Kilimani MCA Moses Ogeto, there is a mystery as to how Governor Mike Sonko landed a confidential budge in the first place, considering that according to the law, a confidential budget is only allocated to a President subject to approval by the Interior Ministry.

There are five departments in the office of the Nairobi Governor and deputy governor.

For the 2019/2020 financial year, budget estimates for the Governor and the deputy governors office is Sh805 million.

Keen to note is that Sh490.6 million has been allocated to the deputy governor’s office yet since Polycarp Igathe’s resignation in January, Sonko is yet to appoint a deputy.

Details also emerged that Governor sonko has been moving in a fleet of 12 cars against the approved requirement of only 5 cars.

That raises more eyebrow especially considering that the county has allocated a staggering Sh 180 million for fuel and lubricants.

“The Governor, by law, is entitled to only five cars but some of the additional cars are drawn from other sectors. Since the Governor is the overall authority, the officers cannot restrict him and we have to fuel all the 12 vehicles plus those that escort him,” said Mr Odera.

Mr. Odera is the administration officer at the Office of the Governor and County’s Fleet Manager.

In his response to the number of cars, Mr. Sonko said that he has more enemies in the city than friends so he beefed up his security for his personal safety.

“It is true I have a convoy but the only government cars I have are two. The rest are my cars which I fuel myself from my own pocket. Even before I became a governor I used to have a fleet of cars,” Sonko said.


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