Sh 390 million to be used in erecting 2 footbridges


The four footbridges being constructed along Thika Super-highway have stalled due to lack of funds.

The footbridges were expected to have been completed in December 2018 but months later, Thika-road dwellers have to continue risking their lives as they seek to cross from one side of the giant highway to the other.

And while work on the highway started in March 2018, Kenya National Highway Authority (KeNHA) insisted that wok is in progress and that it will be completed soon.

“Underground works are going on and completion will be done in due course,” Charles Njogu, the assistant director for communications at KeNHA said.

“The initial December 2018 completion date was given while holding all factors constant including the releasing of funds by the exchequer but the projects will be completed in due course,” he added.

Reports indicate that Sh 390 million will be used to construct the footbridge at Garden City and Survey of Kenya.

Construction of the footbridges follows a directive that all bumps be removed from the highway with an aim of speeding up city traffic


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