Save Waiguru for BBI’s Sake, Atwoli Tells Senate


Trade unionist Francis Atwoli has appealed to the Senate to save Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru after MCAs impeached her on Tuesday.

The Cotu boss said it was wrong for the Kirinyaga MCAs to impeach the first-term governor at a time the BBI was entering the execution stages.

Atwoli asked the Senate to save Waiguru so that BBI activities in Mount Kenya are not interrupted. He added that Waiguru has been loyal to President Uhuru Kenyatta and has stood behind the activities of the Building Bridges Initiative.

Waiguru was one of the Mt Kenya leaders selected last year to lead the BBI campaign in the region following a meeting of Gema community leaders and President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Atwoli said Uhuru was using BBI to change how politics is run so Kenya remains stable and prosperous.

“The MCAs should talk and address the issues being raised,” Atwoli told the Star on phone on Wednesday.

Waiguru was impeached after 23 out of 33 MCAs voted her out over alleged gross misconduct. Four of the ward reps abstained from the vote, while six were absent for the motion filed by Mutira MCA David Kinyua.

“If Waiguru is wrong, they can use the Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission or the Directorate of Criminal Investigations to address any wrongdoing. However, we are calling for a dialogue,” Atowli said.

“There are many channels of addressing issues in our Constitution. It would be good if the MCAs considered them first.”

Atwoli said Waiguru is the only governor in Mount Kenya who has stood strongly with BBI.

“We are talking about changing the Constitution for good. This will help us stop violence during election periods and ensure the country’s stability,” Atwoli said.

Atwoli said he was confident that the BBI will go through and be implemented.

“We have seen Kenyans present their views and everything is moving forward well. We know all the views will be implemented so that the country enjoys peace. And Uhuru wants peace, stability and growth of this country,” he said. 

Source: The Star