Revealed: How school cook sodomized 8 children for 3 years


In a special report published by the Nairobi News, a cook by name Mr. Katuku Mutuku has sodomized 8 boys, aged 13 – 14 years, for nearly 3 years.

The uncouth and uncivilized actions of the rogue cook came to live after Henry Mutisya’s nephew who schools at the school reported the case to the school management.

The school later passed on the news to Henry after inviting him to school.

“We were shocked by the news. We went to the police first, reported the matter and proceeded to the hospital,” said Mutisya.

The boy claims that the cook would secretly invite them to the kitchen, offer them food and proceed to sodomize them. The cook swore to deny them food if they reported the matter or mentioned it to anyone

Henry reported the matter to the police, recorded under OB 41 of 15/02/2019 proceeded to take his 13 year old nephew to the hospital.

And while no one from the school accompanied them to the hospital, no actions have been taken on the cook either.

“When we went to the school on Saturday, the cook was still in the school and the school management had not made any report on the matter,” Mutisya said.

The 13 year old says that the orphans at the school had spoken to each other about the actions and behavior of the school and that this is something the school management is aware of.

“The other boys said I was lucky because I have a family to report to,” the young boy told his uncle

The cook is believed to be an old boy of the school and is said to have served there for more than 10 years.

Could the cases be more than 8?


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