Photos of the man who tried to kill a girl after digging a hole into her bedroom and defiled her!


Ol Kalou residents are in shock after it emerged that a class eight girl from Kagaa village is admitted and in a coma at JM Level Four Memorial Hospital.

The girl was defiled and almost killed by a man who dug a hole under the wooden house to access the girl’s bedroom on Sunday incident.

And while the residents protested the rising cases of insecurity in the area, Nyandarua Health Chief Officer Dr Jorum Muraya has maintained that the 14-year-old girl is in critical condition, traumatized and cannot talk.

“Our staff is working to stabilize her condition. She is not in a good state,” said Dr Muraya.

The residents attribute the rising cases of crime and insecurity in the area to increased drug abuse and youth unemployment.

They claim that it is not the first time girls and women in the area are assaulted claiming that police officers are in the watch as drugs and distributed freely in the area.

Kagaa Primary School chairperson Simon Gitonga said drugs usage is affecting education standards, with a high rate of school dropouts being witnessed.

He described the defiled minor as a bright candidate at the school.

During the Sunday morning incident, the mother to the defiled girl woke up after she heard her daughter writhing in pain.

The mother is reported to have collapsed on seeing her daughter’s agony.


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