Oburu Odinga issues Uhuru ultimatum that could make Raila walk out on Handshake


Raila’s elder brother Oburu Odinga has sent a stunning demand to President Uhuru Kenyatta that his brother Raila Odinga will walk out of the Handshake if the President fails to take action on corruption suspects.

Speaking at Kolenyo, Siaya county during the heated Ugenya by-election campaigns, Oburu Odinga said that if Raila Odinga decides to walk out of the Handshake, he will also walk out of the Building Bridges Initiative.

“My brother Raila has put vigor in the fight against corruption because President Uhuru is committed. But in case he gets distracted by suspects to the extent of backing down, Raila would simply walk out of the handshake,” Oburu said.

Oburu Odinga is the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) MP but his comments about a potential split between Raila and Uhuru as far as the handshake is concerned have been met with mixed reactions across the political devide.

Oburu further noted that President Uhuru is reluctant to cast the whip on a certain number of leaders around him who appear to be untouchable.

It is however believed that Oburus comments have not gone down well with Raila Odinga who was reportedly angered by James Orengo’s debate to impeach Ruto.

Raila is reported to have indicated that he personally has no personal motive to hinder Ruto’s bid to vie for the Presidency in 2022.

According to the report, Raila’s only motive is ensuring that corrupt officials are put behind bars and solidifying the Handshake and the Building Bridges Initiative.


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