NRG Radio queen gives up on marriage after being dumped via WhatsApp


NRG Radio queen Kamene Goro has dismissed plans to ever get married again after she revealed how her husband dumped her through a WhatsApp call.

Kamene revealed the sad story of her breakup during an interview at k24 and declared that she isn’t thinking about being married again.

“You know the way you have your goals and KPIs (Key performance Indicators), marriage is not one of my KPIs and goals. If it happens great, although it’s not something I can say I am actively working towards” Kamene told the host Betty Kyalo.

Kamene was dumped last July via a WhatsApp call after she had gone to the French Embassy to get her Visa with an aim of attending the French Open Tennis tournament.

Kamene has since been openly discussing her relationship affairs saying that she has nothing to hide despite her public figure status.

“In the last two years, I think just about two. My ex husband and now this one when I had just started the show (NRG) but that one we were just dating… Relationships go sideways all the time, I don’t know why we make it such a big deal”


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