DJ Mo has lashed out at hackers who took over her daughters Instagram Account saying that there is nothing major they can do with the account considering they have deleted everything from it.

DJ Mo, daughter and wife Size 8
DJ Mo, daughter and wife Size 8 Image: courtesy

DJ Mo and Size 8 who lost access to their daughter’s account last week revealed that Ladasha had already started making huge earnings from the account before it became the first celebrity account to be hacked in Kenya.

“IG account is nothing. The good thing is there is nothing major they can do with it so long as they have deleted everything,” he said.

DJ Mo was speaking exclusively to Word Is on Tuesday where he pointed out that Ladasha’s account had approximately 300,000 followers and that she was already using it to endorse some goods including clothes and shoes.

According to DJ Mo, creating a firm foundation for your child especially in the current social media generation is as important as life itself.

“My daughter is too much in entertainment by the things she does and so we know the page will be useful to her by the time she is 18,” he said.

DJ Mo further added that they will get a second born and open new accounts for their children and that hackers will not hold them back from giving their children the best there is.

“Even when our second born comes, we will open a page for them because I don’t see any difference in opening a page for your child and posting them on your page,” he said.