Missing? Crossover101 host Grace Ekirapa explains why she left TV


NTV lovers and Crossover101 show must have been wondering why Grace Ekirapa has been missing lately.

The queen of the award winning gospel show that airs every Sunday took time to thank her fans for the love they have shown her and to explain why she has been away for some time now.

Grace Ekirapa, who recently shared an emotional story on how she tried to commit suicide at the age of 13, has defeated all the odds to be the cheerful and bubbly beautiful lady we see on TV.

Last year, Ekirapa shared how her sickly condition while in primary school once led her to believe that swallowing a whole dose of the 18 amoxyl tablets she was taking at the time would be the best ticket to uicide. It did not work.

In explaining her recent absence however, Grace Ekirapa revealed that while she is going through a low moment in her life, it is not that serious and that hopefully, she will be back soon.

Ekirapa thanked her family and friends for the love and support that they are continuously showing her despite the health challenges that she is facing.

“This past week has not been easy. I have been at my lowest but because of Love, I still held on and hoped for a better day. Waking up to Love from #mineand then kids who cheer you up at every gesture is the greatest thing that has happened and I am blessed to have them around me. I thank God for every message and call that came in this week. Your prayers have gone a mighty long way. I love you all and God bless you for being family. I am stronger,”


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