Millionaire at 20! Joho reveals his source of wealth


Mombasa governor Hassa Joho has opened up about how he managed to generate his massive wealth.

In an interview with Citizen TV news anchor Lilian Muli, Joho caught many viewers by surprise when he stated that he made his first Million while at the age of 20.

“My first transaction that changed my life was when I was just 20 years old. I remember I got a clearing and forwarding job and I got a Sh6.6 million cheque. That is the first money that I saw and I was like ‘this is it’,” Joho recounted.

And if you thought Ruto is the only hustler we have in Kenyan politics, Joho disclosed how he too, is a hustler.

Governor Joho claimed that having been brought up in the ghetto, he at one time had to drop out of school because of lacking school feel.


Governor Joho was quick to deny claims that he deals in drugs. According to him, thee are people who try to wash down his hustling efforts by always trying to link him to drugs.

“Ten years down the line if there was some truth, some kind of action would have been taken. You can’t try to build on a narrative for 10 years that has no end,” he said.

Do you think Joho is honest about the drugs part?



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