Mike Sonko says he is worth more than Nairobi County’s budget of Sh38 billion


Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has shocked Kenyans after his claims that he is worth more than Nairobi County’s budget of Sh38 billion annual budget.

Mike Sonko made the claim on Tuesday during an interview on NTV’s Sidebar Show after he was asked about the misuse of public funds labelled towards his government.

City Hall tabled a Sh32 billion budget in June for the 2018/2019 financial year.

Mike Sonko declared that he would never divert public funds to his private investments claiming he is worth more than the county annual budget.

“I’m worth more than the annual budget of Nairobi and I’ve got some fixed deposit accounts about USD5 million in different banks. And I put this money even way back before I became an MP from the proceeds which I used to get. I always put money where the money is I don’t have to announce where I get my profits from if I buy a property at 10 million after 10 years I can sell that property at a profit because the value of profits appreciates every day,” he said.

During the interview, Mike Sonko paraded multiple title deeds and vehicle logbooks to show part of his wealth, saying if he liquidated all his assets he will be worth more than the county’s annual budget.

According to Mike Sonko, his wealth has grown from a simple matatu business.

Sonko explained how he used to bank Sh4 million from his Mombasa club profits every Monday, adding that he has always been in business.

The governor carried bank statements dated 2007 showing how together with his wife they would bank small amounts of money from their matatu business.

He said all his matatus have since been transferred to the Sonko Rescue Team’s fleet to help the poor transport their relatives upcountry for burials.


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