Meet me half way


Hi there. It’s been a while.

So George Omali dies in season 6 of Grey’s anatomy. Yes I’ve cried coz Omali didn’t have to die. But it’s crazy, coz even such a small stupid thing, like Omali’s death hits me so hard that I want to tell you. Every single thing.. I always want to.. and I do..

But before I drown in the Omali mystery, I want to know you. I want to know you more; but you won’t let me. I want to figure this out, figure you out.. if it really means anything to you.

No, not through endless texting or calls. But.. but.. I don’t have to be the only one stretching my hand out, it will tire before I get to season 6 like my friend Omali. So meet me half way.. meet me half way.


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