Ida Odinga has said that McDonald Mariga would have done better as a person if he had stuck to playing football rather than seeking a parliamentary position because he is not a leader.

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Ida who is known to make fun in heated political battles compared Mariga to Dennis Oliech saying that while Oliech excelled in football, Mariga cannot serve as a good example to the youth.

In a video shared by Standard Digital, Ida Odinga told the crowd that thinking of Mariga, she cannot use him because when he changed his profession (from football), he failed as a person.

“Have you heard of the name Dennis Oliech? What has he excelled in? ¬†Football isn’t it? Think of Mariga, I can not use that as a good example because, when he changed the profession, you see how he failed,” Ida stated amid giggles.

Ida added that if he (Mariga) had stuck to football, he would do much much better.

Ida challenged Mariga to rethink his ambition and stick to supporting young people in the sport that took him around the world rather than drown his mind in politics.

Ida who was speaking in Kisumu where she officiated the opening of a three-storey school building that will serve as classrooms for Wandiege Primary School was accompanied by the the county governor Anyang’ Nyong’o, his deputy and Kisumu East MP Shakeel Shabir.