Luo language to be made an official language in Kenya


Mr. Ogot has submitted a petition to the National Assembly seeking to have the luo language classified as an official language.

According to Mr. Ogot, classifying the luo language as an official language is a way of promoting the development of indigenous languages which he says argues that it is in line with the provisions in the constitution.

Mr. Sammy Ogot is popular for his previous petition to the National Assembly where he sought to have bhang legalised in Kenya.

Mr. Ogot now wants luo language to be accorded the national status that it deserves arguing that the language has inbuilt capacity to generate, record, translate, instruct and transmit knowledge scientifically.

“That this petition identifies Luo as the first language for scientific and liturgical instructions of the world and as the root of all others, including Kiswahili and English, both which enjoy national and official status in the Constitution,” Mr Ogot says.

The Kenyan constitution Article 7 identifies Kiswahili as the national language while both Kiswahili and English are listed the the official languages.

If the petition by mr. Ogot is accepted, the official languages in Kenya will be Kiswahili, English and Luo.

He says that the petition is a step towards realising the national ideal of self-sufficiency in language and aligns to the policy guidelines formulated by the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) as well as tenets of the new education system.

He says that Luo and Luhya are the two greats lights of language upon which knowledge is constructed, hence, the shared Lu identity which universally denotes luminaries or followers or descendants of light.

“Luo is the language of light in which the Holy Bible was written and is therefore the key to deciphering meanings of identities, expressions and contexts of all other faiths universally since all primarily constructed on Luo morphemes,” he says.

He provides a range which specifically includes all ostronyms, astronyms, hydronyms, oronyms, eponyms, toponyms and anthroponyms of the world since all agglutinate from Luo morphemes and phrases.

“The facts I have presented recognise language as the singular vanguard, voice and van for protecting, promoting and conveying culture and knowledge and in the shared pursuit of developing, promoting, protecting local languages, I pray that Article 7 of the constitution be amended to include Luo as official language.”


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