Kenyan’s message to Raila as he leaves for China


Kenyans on Twitter have asked ODM leader Hon Raila Odinga to be their watchdog in China after the opposition leader accompanied President Uhuru Kenyatta to a forum that kicked off on Tuesday.

Raila took to Twitter to share pictures of his departure and promised to make the case for synergies in infrastructure planning and development by embracing international standards.

Kenyans have however used that as an opportunity to rally the vocal leader to help control the president’s borrowing.

Raila will witness the signing of a new loan from the Chinese government which is expected to facilitate the extension of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) from Naivasha to Kisumu.

Sir Rawlings tweeted saying “Ukipata loan, kula. Ni haki yako”

Infinity tweeted saying “Safe Skies RAO. Negotiate before signing on the dotted line”


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