Inspector Kibet


Inspector Kibet looked older than his age as the sun hit the core of his head sending sweat streams through his back down to his pants. He stood in the middle of nowhere on the north eastern region of Kenya as he looked at his fellow police officers who he thought were as useless as having gumboots in that area. The police officers as he thought were stupid morons with nothing but trash between their ears.

Inspector Kibet sat on the ground and closed his eyes remembering the amazing life he had in Karatina. While in that little Kenyan town, he from time to time complained of the cold weather and the short nights with little room for sweet dreams. In Karatina, there were endless ways of getting kitu kidogo. A smile fills his face every time memories of Karatina flash through his mind. He remembers the money he handled back then. The women and the drinks never ran dry. Today, he can’t even remember the last time a lady made his bed. Dry spell is real.

He wanted to blame everything on everybody else- the girl he mercilessly beat, the cabinet secretary of internal security, his friends and even the devil, but it was all on him. Why did he have to get drunk while on duty? Allegedly accusing the only daughter of Dr Alfred Kamuri, the cabinet secretary of internal security, of having and smoking bhang could as well have been him signing his death sentence. The girl had run away from home because she wanted a normal life, little did she know she would get exactly that from inspector Kibet. That day he learnt that just because a woman wears men’s clothes and looks exactly like her stone-faced father, doesn’t make her a man. As soon as he realized what he had done, he begged for mercy, but got none.

He remembered his beloved pot belly. He treasured it like a drunkard did the last glass. Today however, the only treasure he has is his pointed bones. He has grown so thin a needle can have been jealous. In this area kitu kidogo is a phrase rarely used if ever. Apart from the blood hungry snakes, no vehicle ever passes through.

When the CS ordered his transfer to that area, he had thought of retirement, but he still had about five years to go before that could be possible. He didn’t want to go back home for fear of people seeing him thin, old and worn out and asking endless questions which he knew would end with them laughing at him. He wished he had a woman just to ease the pain.

A few months ago, inspector Kibet could have said he didn’t know God, but here he begged the Man above every day on his knees for deliverance. He had even promised to quit drinking and he would find a woman and settle down. I wonder if inspector Kibet made it home alive.