“I was with your mother last night!” Kabogo savagely responds to young Kenyan


Former Kiambu Governor Hon. William Kabogo has set the internet on fire after his response to Abdirizak Warsame went viral.

Abdirizak Warsame will live to regret the day he picked up a Twitter fight with former Kiambu Governor.

Hon. William Kabogo posted a picture of himself spraying insecticide at his home when the young Abdirizak Warsame commented that Kabogo’s garden was sitting on grabbed land.

Kabogo then replied with “…I was with your mother last night and she did not complain!”

This is not the first time Hon. William Kabogo is releasing his savage response claws.

During the 2017 campaigns where he lost the Kiambu Governorship to Waititu, Kabogo is said to have used tough words in responding to his opponents.

Among these is “…Tumia pesa ikuzoee! Pesa yangu naweza washa pika nayo githeri na bado haitaisha!…”

Interesting times are ahead as far as Kenya’s leadership stunts are involved. Just yesterday, Hon. Boni Khalwale was laughing at his fellow leaders over claims that he is King of Western.


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