I hate devolution! Moses Kuria explains why


Gatundu South member of parliament (MP) has taken to social media to rant and express his frustrations, stating why he hates devolution with a passion.

According to Moses Kuria, devolution is the greatest source of theft of funds in the country.

“I hate devolution. It is our collective stupidity of transforming 47 men and women into billionaires. We give them between 4 and 20 billion every year without controls. The highest recipient is Turkana County – 12 billion in the division of revenue and close to 10 billion in Equalisation funds. Yet, people are dying of hunger and thirst,” Kuria wrote on Facebook.

“Devolution is the worst curse we brought ourselves as a nation,” he added, while also faulting Kenyans for their tendency of supporting things without thinking through.

While the Constitution of Kenya 2010 gave birth to a devolved system of government, there is little success to accord it on the ground level. What’s clear in most part of the country is that governors are in charge but work on the ground is close to none.

Minor development stories such as the stadiums in Kakamega and Machakos counties are minor tangibles considering counties spend millions every month.

The launch of shady projects across the rural areas at the cost of millions says a lot about the leaders that we vote in as a people. In turn, it also says a lot about us as voters.


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