How thieves in Nyandarua are milking cows overnight

Milking of a cow

Sariti village residents in Kinangop, Nyandarua, are crying fault after it emerged that thieves are silently breaking into their cowsheds and milking their cows in the night.

According to the residents, the hilarious mode of theft that is now taking roots has been on the rise over the past one month.

The residents are calling on the government to help citing incidents that have seen them loose livestock besides waking up to cows without milk.

Priscilla Njeri, one of the victims says that at first she blamed the weather conditions and drought for having cows without milk but later realised someone was milking while she was asleep.

“I thought it was due to the weather conditions until several other neighbours complained of the same. We sought an advise from a local veterinary officer who ruled otherwise,” she is says.

Farmers from the area say that they confirmed the theft exercise last Tuesday after they spotted unknown men carrying buckets of milk way before sunrise.

The farmers claim they had taken deep measures including having one Joseph Githinji guarding the cows in order to find out what was happening to their cows.

“Their intention was to milk my cows but immediately I raised alarm, they fled for safety. Upon searching at the farm, I found a jerrycan full of milk,” Githinji said.

In his efforts to enhance security in the area, Nyandarua County Commissioner, Boaz Cherotich, has directed officers to patrol the area.


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