How much has billionaire Reginald Mengi left behind after his death


Tanzanian media mogul Reginald Mengi on Thursday died at a Dubai hospital.

Mengi who was married to musical star Jaqueline Ntuyabaliwe aka Klynn who is 36 years younger has also left behind two twin boys who were born in 2013.

Together with Klynn, Mengi was worth USD560 Million. His business empire includes the IPP Media Group.

IPP Media Group owns 11 newspapers, radio, television stations and internet properties.

Besides that, Mengi and Klynn also own Bonite Bottlers which is the sole bottler of Coca-Cola products in the northern region of Tanzania.

The couple also owns Kilimanjaro brand of bottled water and IPP Resources Company that mines gold, uranium, copper, chrome and coal.

And billionaire Mengi was not short short of humor. Many will remember that at one point, he revealed that Klynn was the greatest influence in his life.

“If God was to call us today, I would ask God for permission, to see if it’s possible for me to marry her in heaven. So that forever and ever she will be my wife.”


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