How broke Ugandan President Museveni asked for 5 months advance salary


Uganda’s Daily Monitor has surprised many by claims that President Yoweri Museveni asked for a 5 month advance salary in 2016.

At the time, it is indicated that Museveni was facing some serious financial challenges and depression that he made the request for the funds.

The request for advance came soon after the 2016 general elections which Museveni won with a 61 percent margin to retain the presidential seat.

According to Yunus Akande, a secretary in the office of the President, Museveni asked for salary advance prompting them to seek a supplementary budget from which they funded the UGX19 million (about Sh535,000).

And while claims indicate that Museveni earns a monthly basic salary of UGX 3.6 million (Sh101,000) he enjoys multiple benefits and allowances.

The presidential request has however raised eyebrows with Maruzi County MP Maxwell Akora wondering if public servants can be granted advances and if an advance that goes as far as five months is acceptable.


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