Health Crisis stares at City dwellers over shortage of medicine


City dwellers are facing a possible health crisis after the Nairobi County Assembly Health Committee as informed that medical centers in the city have not received supply of drugs since August 2018.

According to the Deputy Director of Medical Services Irene Muchoki, the health crisis is going to bite hard Kenyans seeking to purchase various drugs will have to acquire them from expensive private hospitals.

“The situation is tricky because so far our county hospitals [have] only received drugs once in this financial year and that was last August,” said Dr Muchoki.

Reports indicate that Citi Hall owes Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (Kemsa) Sh 309 million. This amount is for medical supplies since 2014.

As a result, Kemsa has on multiple occasions failed to supply the county with medical drugs in demand for the defaulted payments.

What rises eyebrows however is the fact that out of the Sh 747 million set aside by the county government to cater for medical supplies, only Sh 70 million has been used to offset the debt.

“We have used Sh70 million from the amount we had set aside to pay Kemsa and that was when drugs were delivered in August. The remaining Sh 677 million has not been spent,” said Dr Muchoki.

According to Kemsa, counties are required to make payments for medical supplies within 45 days of delivery.


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