Form 1 student stubs mother’s lover to death


Villagers of Ririat village in Cheborgei location, Bureti sub-county in Kericho are in shock after a form one student stubbed a 65 year old man to death using a Somali sword.

The deceased who tried to flee the incident collapsed and died. He is said to have been having an affair with the boy’s mother. His body has been taken to Kapkatet sub-county referral hospital.

A postmortem is expected to be carried out before the body is handed over to his family for burial.

The boy is said to have gone underground after committing the offence.

According to family members, the boys’ father died a few years ago but the old man’s actions to repeatedly sleep with his mother is said to have angered him.

The boy’s mother has since recorded a statement with the police as a manhunt is launched to trace the young killer.


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