Esther Passaris preaches to drunk men and women in Kibera


Nairobi Women Representative Esther Passaris spent her Easter preaching to drunk men in Kibera about the dangers of gender based violence.

Through a video shared on her Twitter channel, Passaris says she had a candid talk at Terminus Pub (Kibera) about the current spate of killings of women by men they are romantically linked to.

The men defended violence perpetrated by love sick men, stating that women had become parasites.

“Mama county, hawa wasichana wanakula wanaume, ukweli usemwe wasichana waache kukula wanaume…kama amekula hii nyumba yote, mi nimeuza nyumba kwa sababu yake na amekula yote, mimi nabaki na nini?” one man questioned.

The Women Rep urged the men not to commit murder on claims that a woman had squandered their money.


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