Good things take time. It is entirely possible to be a kind, loving person who refuses to tolerate bullshit. In fact, it’s not only possible, it’s absolutely necessary.

We all have that favorite day of the week which we look forward to. For most, a Friday and for others a weekend. Some a Wednesday. Others are lost between terrific Tuesday and throw back Thursday. Besides pastors however, I doubt if there is another group that looks forward to Mondays. (If you did not know, pastors are off on Mondays).

Every day of the week has it’s unique attributes. Such attributes differ from one person to another but trust me when I tell you this: nothing is sweeter than that moment when you are in church on a Sunday mid-morning and the pastor says, remain standing for the benediction!

Ever asked yourself why people stretch and even yawn with relaxation just before the benediction? The benediction is meant to be a blessing to us going into a new week. So when the leader says, “May the Lord guide you and keep you safe…” the congregation echoes amen. In that particular moment, it hits you that you need to believe.

So you start resisting the temptation to open your eyes. The urge to steal a glimpse at the audience becomes so strong that you are forced to bend your head, lick your lips and swallow some saliva. Literary, you recharge. You raise your head again only to hear the leader say, “in Jesus name we pray,” and the congregation responds once more, “amen”. You open your eyes and smile. Then it dawns on you that you did not hear the words of the benediction. You missed the blessing!

But are benedictions the only blessings we miss in life? Not really. They are just a portion of the blessings that we miss because of minor distractions. Distractions like wanting to open your eyes when they should be closed. Distractions like wetting your lips when they are in fact not dry. Like swallowing saliva when you are not hungry. Basically, there are blessings we miss because we allow ourselves to be an empty debe. I heard it makes the loudest noise. I don’t know how, but yes, I heard empty debes’ make the loudest noise!

My class mates once used that line to silence me while in high-school. I was busy telling jokes and stories and I must have said something stupid expecting that they will laugh. There was silence for a moment. Then they looked at each other, looked at me, looked at each other again and laughed in irony. Then one said, “empty debes’…”

You come across tens of thousands of quotes every day, week in week out. Most of them you forget. But when they say negative news sell more than positive news, it is because they know that inside every human being, there is an empty debe that is waiting to make noise. They know that just like we have a positive and negative voice talking to us at any given time, we also do have an empty debe inside us, waiting anxiously to distract us from getting the things that matter.

Some empty debes’ are metallic. They make sharp painful noise. When the empty metallic debe inside you is active, you find yourself speaking things that even embarrass you as an individual. Things you can’t erase for years to come. Things that cause pain, to you and to those around you.

Other empty debes are plastic in nature. Otile Brown knows better. Such debes’ can be melted away anytime. They are not durable. Like plastic, they keep recycling their appearance to give a new look, even when old.

Some debes’ have a melamine touch. Even in their empty nature, they keep their noise within. despite being empty, they are calm. They have control.

As an individual, it is your sole responsibility to search your empty self and discover the empty debe that you want to activate.

Today, some people are not happy, not sad, but are empty simply because they have activated the plastic debe in them. So they feel empty because they have decided to melt, leaving pieces of themselves everywhere. They are their greatest distraction.

It’s better to loose others than to lose yourself trying to fit in. we are all after something that makes the empty spaces in us make sense. Don’t allow the empty debe inside you to be activated recklessly. Drinking hot tea from a metallic cup is never a joy to the lips.

Growing as in individual starts with you accepting that you are empty. That you need to be filled up. You are only useful when you are empty. In fact, it is at that moment when you feel empty and lost that you find who you really are. So the next time you close your eyes for the benediction, find that debe inside you and activate it because the leader is about to say; “in Jesus name we pray,” …



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