Drinking from a dry well


I make better chapatis than you! I know you can argue about that but its fine with me. I have better arguments anyway. In fact, the only thing you can beat me at is complaining. You complain more than I do. I just wonder why you have to smile when I say that about you.

At times you remind me of David. Have I told you about him? Not David from the Bible, but my brother, David. The polite one. The one who’s still finding it hard to tell whether Jacky loved him or simply took advantage of his humble self.

Like you and I, David and Jacky started out as casual friends. Four guys were hitting on her at the time and being a normal Kenyan girl, she settled for the bad boy. The one with dreadlocks. While he kept them neat, he but liked to brag about them. Am not sure if he wore specs in real life, but he did wear some smart glasses with designer frames.

While Jacky enjoyed moments of great pleasure with him, the bad boy played to his rules. He treated her badly at times but cared less. Jacky loved him so much. She loved him with her entire self. Her eyes were wet from time to time because he squeezed every bit of joy she had in her. But she loved him more. With time, a young lady, once beautiful begun to dry  out. Her smile started to fade away but bad boy still kept to his style.

He would cheat on her and deny it to his face. He would then blame her for mistrust, accuse her of being the unfaithful one and use that as an excuse to go partying with other girlfriends. All along, Jacky fought for what she believed to be love. After all, whenever she needed someone to talk to and to lean on, David was always available.

David was her sling when she needed to tackle Goliath. He had a secret formula that quenched her thirst for inspiration. The two grew fond of each other and with time, they started to get emotionally attached to each other.

Who knew that one day, Jacky would lose patience with the bad boy and give David a chance? Who knew that together, David and Jacky would have the happiest relationship one can think of? Who knew that with the bad boy gone, Jacky would #TembeaKenya with David by her side? That the dream of living happily thereafter was a fact beyond doubt for David and Jacky.

But what is love? Like life, it has a way of squeezing out the joy and politeness in us leaving us dry. For  who knew that one day, the bad boy will turn up. And he would not be alone. Who knew that the bad boy would return with a flower in his hand and alter the sweetest apology.

“By lying to you,” he started. “I took you for granted, I broke your heart. But in doing so, I broke mine as well. I made the biggest mistake of my life by betraying a love so true. My lies have caused a lot of pain. I promise to never do it again. All I want is to make you smile forever and ever, not just for a while.” He said.

Sweet words, right?

Who knew that a bad boy would come back and act so sweet? But si fisi ni fisi? I feel sorry for David because who knew that Jacky would give the bad boy another chance?


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    • Celine. Please allow me to say your name again. Celine, this must be the best sentence I have read today. Let me mark this date. This day when a comment got me humbled. Looking forward to a fruitful engagement with you and your friends


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