Drama as Tahidi High actress reveals how she uses urine to maintain her face


In an interview that has left many wondering how, Jacqueline Matubia, who formerly stared in the popular Tahidi High how has revealed the secret she uses to keep her face beautiful, smooth and glowing.

“There’s a time I had a breakout and I tried my morning pee, that thing works miracles. Wash your face with morning pee, it works miracles.” Jolene revealed in a Switch TV interview.

Jacky Matubia’s revelation has left many Kenyans wondering more than they are asking questions. Thing is, why? How do you just use urine?

Healthwise however, it is said that the urea and uric acid found in urine is a strong antioxidants.

Furthermore, urine contains excess resources of vitamins, minerals and proteins.

Drinking or using urine to massage your skin allows your body to naturally absorb these nutrients resulting in soft skin


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