Drama as police are instructed to make fresh handwritten applications after corruption claims


Shortlisted traffic police officers are unhappy after they were instructed to make fresh handwritten applications directly to the Deputy Inspector General of Police following corruption claims in the recruitment process.

According to a circular dated April 16, 2019, all police officers interested in joining the traffic department have been instructed to apply using handwritten letters before Friday this week.

A senior police officer told Nairobi News that the initial selection was “marred with corruption with some officers forwarding names of the highest bidders and their close allies.”

“Complaints then followed after officers were shortlisted and it is on that effect that a decision was reached that all the officers apply afresh,” said the officer who spoke in confidence.

Interviews for the traffic department which is considered the most lucrative in the police force were scheduled to take place this week but will now be rescheduled.

“You are directed to inform the candidates who had been shortlisted that the interviews which were scheduled to take place between April 23 to May 3 have been cancelled,” The circular read.

To be considered for traffic police role, an officer is expected to have been confirmed in appointment and must have served in the Kenya Police for at least five years.


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