DJ PIERRA: No more pregnancy. I will adopt.


After undergoing a nasty break up while pregnant, Nairobi’s hottest DJ DJ Pierra Makena has made it clear that she is not getting pregnant again. At least not any time soon.

The 37 year old mother of one daughter said that she will consider adopting children in future.

“I’m done having children, this one is enough. Perhaps I will have to adopt other kids,” DJ Pierra said in a recent interview.

DJ Pierra, who broke up with her baby daddy while just two weeks old pregnant, narrates how she had to battle with depression considering she learnt after the pregnancy after they had already broken up.

“I broke up with my lover but I didn’t know that I was already pregnant. Two weeks later I went to the hospital and it was confirmed. This matter really stressed me. I went through depression, I could not even gain weight when I was four months pregnant,” she recounted.

While in her depression state, DJ Pierra had to move in to her sister’s house for the well-being of her unborn child.

She says during that time, her family was very supportive and kept encouraging her to be positive in every possible way.

“My family was very supportive and I actually started gaining weight three months after giving birth,” she said.

DJ Pierra finally stepped on and is now living happily with her daughter.


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