David Ndii casts doubts over the authenticity of fake billion operation


In fresh development, economist David Ndii has questioned the authenticity of the billions in fake cash.

Yesterday, the flying squad and the directorate of criminal investigations stormed Barclays bank’s Queensway branch and arrested three Kenyans and one foreigner in connection with the fake billions.

David Ndii however argues that this could be a back-end plot to divert Kenyans attention from the ongoing drought and hunger that has so far left several people in Turkana dead.

“Something is not adding up with these huge fake currency hauls. If there was that much fake currency around, we would be encountering it more frequently in circulation.” David Ndii said in a tweet.

Arguing from an mathematical and economic end, David Ndii further questioned the credibility of the figures provided to the public.

“Now, lets talk counting. Google research tells me machines count on average 1000 notes a minute. Works out to 283 machine hours without reloading, lets say 300 hours with reloading. 12 machines, for 24 hours non-stop. Is DCI daft, or they are telling us something?” He said.


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