Daring Kenyans Demolish Police Station


Daring Kenyans have encroached police land, demolishing officers’ houses at the Tenges Police Post in Baringo Central.

While addressing the media on Thursday, April 2, Tenges Ward Representative Silas Tochim stated that the land grabbers had over the course of December 2019 subdivided sections of the land and allocated it to themselves.

“This land was set aside by the government for a police station, but for the last two years, there have been land grabbers who have encroached the land, divided it among themselves and put up a barbed-wire fence,” Tochim stated.

“During this Coronaviorus recess, they have demolished police houses, the grabbers even have the courage to serve the police notice of eviction,” he added.

Tochim stated that the police station, as well as his office, had supportive documents showing the contested parcel of land belonged to the officers.

The area MCA explained that the land grabbers had argued that the land belonged to the late former President Daniel Toroitich arap Moi, and not the police.

“The family of Mzee Moi has denied any knowledge of this land. I talked to Senator Gideon Moi and he said they have no records showing this is their land,” Tochim asserted.

The lawmaker condemned the act, pronouncing that the subdivisions, along with developments put up on the piece of land, were executed illegally. 

“I want to warn those doing this illegal act, we respect the government’s directive on the Coronavirus, we are on recess, but we will not condone these incidents,” Tochim lamented.

The parcel of land was again on national news when residents of Tenges took to the streets on July 17, 2018, to demonstrate the grabbing of the same land prior to the establishment of the police post.

NTV reported that the land had been allocated by National Land Commission to the police for construction of a police post after residents decried high levels of insecurity, but had been grabbed by select ‘powerful’ individuals in the county.

The police post was later set up upon intervention from the national government.

Tochim warned the grabbers against interference on the land, further calling upon the NLC and national government to intervene and help resolve the conflict.