Boni Khalwale pours cold water on Luhya unity: Proves it can’t happen


Boni Khalwale appears to have confirmed in a tweet that uniting the Luhya community to carry out their activities as a single block is just but a mere talk that can never happen.

Khalwale who was speaking at the funeral of the late Priscilla Nachesa, mama to Said Khasabuli, the @TheODMparty 2017 aspirant for Malava MP took to social media to brag about the area resident singing and dancing for him after walking out on their Deputy governor.

Leaders who are serious about unity talks and about driving Kenya forward would not paint their fellow leaders as a laughing stock.

Khalwale’s tweet shows that as a leader, he is more concerned about himself than he is about the Luhya people.

In his tweet, Khalwale appears to communicate that the people love and want to listen from him and not from the other leaders. Power appears to be getting into his head.

Could he be considering himself King of the Luhya community?



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