Big Square 680


No! I am not you!

I refuse to be like you! I refuse to live my life the same way you live yours. I refuse to waste precious time following online drama. I refuse to be pulled into commenting on the likes of Vera Otile circus.

I want to live my life the same way great people do. I want to be the next big name in Kenya and around Africa. I want good stories to be told about me because that-way, future generations will sing and recite poems about me. That’s why I refuse to pay attention to the little things that excite people like you. What did you even gain from that follow train that wasted your data the other day?

Unlike you, I want to invest in building networks. Like Von, I want to hold back every setback and focus on that which makes me better. Not that I want to imitate her, (but truth be told), don’t you also admire her progress? Don’t you wish you could learn from her? How did she even choose to spend time in the library than with that loaded guy?

My sources have informed me that on Friday 23rd November, Von will be showcasing her networking skills at the Big Square 680 lunch party – and she will not be alone.

Besides ensuring that you have a free entry ticket, Big Square have made it possible for you to reserve a table or register your team for a night game by dialing 0724 446 277.

Ooh my! did I just give you the number that will give you a weekend plan? See you there!



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