Akothee serves the source in Turkana. Politicians will not like this


Akothee has once again taken the internet by storm, this time from Turkana.

As politicians continue to deny that Turkana deaths is not caused by the ongoing drought, Akothee has come out to show that feeding people is not just about giving them food.

Feeding people, at least according to Akothee start with Embracing their culture. People eat what you give them because they can identify with you as willing to be one of them.

Akothee’s actions in Turkana will pass as a hard lesson to Kenyan politicians who invest so much money and effort in isolating themselves from normal citizens instead of striving to identify with them.

And Kenyans living locally and abroad have expressed their love what Akothee has done aiming a dig at Ruto to take leadership classes from the controversial musician who recently said she has no desire to be a role model to any one.


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