A thought about October


A post was created by Faith. She prefers to be called Fayfay. I find Fayfay a bit hard to pronounce correctly. It sounds weirdly repetitive. But she likes it anyway. I don’t. But I like the post. I like the image as well and I hope that besides appreciating this October Throwback, her art will also remind you about that Unlocked story you read some time back.

And I quote…

“So last month was October which is obviously breast cancer awareness month, which explains that ribbon.

It’s supposed to be pink but mine is pencil but yeah you get it. 

The boxing is for cancer because we are fighting like girls. Then also notice the hair, it’s growing back because cancer patients lose hair as one of the side effects of chemotherapy treatment. 

Quite a long explanation about October. I felt like I should say it. Haha.”

End of Quote


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