A date with me


Not everything I write is a lesson. I, without a shadow of doubt enjoy telling stories in a manner that merges one’s culture and self-development but there are times when I just want to escape to a world of my own.

There are times when I have chosen to entertain me. Times when I have chosen to show me some love and do me.  (Please don’t be evil on this one).  And trust me, it’s not that I get bored, (I actually do get bored at times) but there are times when I simply want to escape and take me out for a date.

So I wake up psyched because whether there is a matatu on the road or not, I have purposed to give me a big treat. I will not have breakfast in the house. I never have when it’s my big day out. The coffee machines in the office, the ones that daily save my monthly tokens, will not get a sight of me either.

I will sit in the office and think about the ribs. I will think about the bakon and the cheese. I will remember the fiery chicken cheese burger I had last month. Then I will feel my tongue roll as my throat smoothly opens up. Then I will swallow saliva without knowing and smile about it. I will look around to see if anyone caught a glimpse of my big moment and since no one did, I will get back to work.

Saliva doesn’t go down easily to an empty stomach. Does it? I will swallow again and try to feel it. I will remember being told that when you blink while standing, the muscles in your ass also squeeze at the same time. You can stand and try it out.

They did, right?

I will take another concentration break to settle for drink. A mojito single will come to mind. Don’t mind that it’s single, being a big day for me, a single will do a big job. I know that Big Square has the Strawberry daiquiri single (which is of cause my favorite), but I had it the last time I was there. Today, I will settle for their Mojito Single. After all, did you actually know that they sell it at the same price with the strawberry daiquiri single?

Being my big day it, how about I pork them ribs? Did you know that pork contains high levels of L. Carnitine, an amino acid that can help boost libido, sexual function and testosterone levels? I don’t know but they say it also helps improve energy levels by increasing the burning triglycerides fuel in the body.

And by the way, Big Square is the only place with legit pork ribs in Kenya. So when you talk about getting your levels up, you know where to go. Unless of cause you want plastic energy.



  1. I will remember being told that when you blink while standing, the muscles in your ass also squeeze at the same time

    Ati what?

  2. I refuse to be jelous 😂😂😂
    I’m also taking myself to big square and I will write about it 😂
    We refuse to salivate on empty stomachs 😅😂


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