3 relationship habits passed from parents to children


Two people cannot love one another unless they agree. Love is the thread that keeps a relationship together.

Regardless of the nature of the relationship, be it friendship, work colleagues, school mates, rivals, name it. What keeps a relationship together is the existence of love.

Loving your colleagues at work allows you to be in good working relationships with them. Loving your friends allows you to grow and enjoy fun moments together. Loving your school mates offers you a helping hand whenever you are stuck with some assignment. The climax of love relationships can be marriage but no relationship exists without challenges.

So where do relationship challenges come from? A true love relationship is two imperfect people refusing to give up on each other.

Some people act like it’s not a big deal yet it is breaking their heart. Others shun away from loving because they assume the relationship will not work out.

Others have been heart broken so much that they render their hearts temporarily closed for maintenance.

Below are three bad relationship habits that children pick from their parents:

1). Being secretive in a relationship – A relationship is supposed to be a stage where we are free to open up. Some people however have grown up with parents who did something and told them to s=keep it as a secret. “Don’t tell mum!” or “Don’t tell your dad!” Such people bring up this behavior into their relationships. They feel they can keep information that may hurt the other person. Too many secrets blow up after sometime and may cause the relationship to end in a break up.

2). Continuously doubting your partner – No one wants to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t trust you. Today, trust is the greatest contributor to millennial relationship breakups. Someone who witnessed one of their parent cheating on the other will carry it to their relationship. Your dad had a relationship with someone else other than your mother and he asked you not to tell mum. So when you start to date, you keep thinking your partner is seeing someone else. Every time you are away from each other, you keep asking where they are or what they are doing. Trust issues from the past is catching up with you.

3). Violence – People who fight their partners whenever there is a disagreement in a relationship are said to have picked up this vice from their parents. In the current digital age when there are multiple means to solve a disagreement including seeing a therapist, someone who results to violence is finding it hard reconciling events from the past.

Relationships last because to people make a decision to keep it, fight for it and work for it. Be a good person to your partner because you never know what your children will pick up from you.


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