3 quick way to be happy even without money


Did you know that giving a genuine smile is one of the hardest things that people can do? Try taking a selfie and observe how many pauses you have to try before you capture the perfect image.

Even professionals and people with a lot of money strive to be happy. That is because joy cannot be bought.

When someone has money, they feel excited. That however doesn’t mean they are happy. You agree with me that people can be smiling or acting excited but deep inside, they are not happy.

Below are 3 quick things you can do to be happy;

1). Speak into your tomorrow: Frustration makes people sad. Frustration is caused by failing to do something or doing it and not achieving the desired results. Failing to do something is normal. Failing to achieve results is normal. Successful people get frustrated every-time they try to do something new. What differentiates you from a successful person is that when you fail, you sit there and think about failure. Successful people stand and think about and speak into their tomorrow. They say things like; That one did not work so I need to do it this way. That girl/boy heart-broke me, but I will find another one. Like hope, happiness comes from within. When you win on the inside, nothing from outside can bring you down.

2). Feel free to talk about your failure – Many people get depressed because accumulated levels of failure is toxic to your system. When you do something and it doesn’t work, talk about it. If you have no one to talk to, post it on Facebook or Twitter or somewhere people can see. Someone out there has tried or experienced something similar and will be glad to give a hand. And even if they don’t help, did you know that you naturally smile when you talk about a problem and someone likes it? That means the person identifies with it. When you open up and talk about a challenge you are facing, your mind settles down making it easier to find a working solution.

3). Look at your picture – You are the most beautiful or the most handsome person you will ever see. If you really want to always be happy, take a picture of yourself (a passport for instance). At the back of the picture, write the words – You are special. Drop the picture in your purse or your wallet. Every-time you feel down or someone makes you mad or you want to do something that appears challenging, take out the picture and read the message at the back. Trust me, you will always smile and feel natural love towards yourself


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