3 facts why men fear marrying Kikuyu women


For as long as history can remember, the Kikuyu community in Kenya is largely associated with their love for money.

In fact, it’s once been claimed that all Kikuyus are thieves with the only good one being six feet under.

In an interesting Kenya Demographic Health survey, however, money is not among the reasons men fear marrying Kikuyu women.

Any man today, in the current harsh Kenyan economy, would of cause want a Kikuyu woman around him. At least she will bring with her some financial tricks that can propel his abilities translating them weight in the bank account.

Why then do men fear marrying Kikuyu women? Below are three reasons”

1). Fear of their children getting a aw deal – Kikuyu women are known to be dominating. Marrying a Kikuyu women means the children belong to her community more than they belong to the man’s community. In case of a break up or divorce, there isn’t much discussion you can have. A Kikuyu woman will leave with her children. Most men today have no problem with that. The problem is if she stays, she ill be the father and mother of the children. Even in your presence. A Kikuyu woman will strive to teach the children the best ways to be a man. In most cases, this does not always end up well. If they don’t end up in crime, they become drunkards meaning your children get a raw deal. Very few children brought up by Kikuyu women are drug free.

2). Highest number of single mothers in the country – The Kikuyu community has the highest number of single mothers in Kenya. There is therefore nothing much to say here. Do you want to marry someone with whom the chance of divorce is almost 99%? Most men prefer to keep Kikuyu women as girlfriends for their beauty but may elsewhere. Others who are financially stable will marry from another community but become a sponsor to Kikuyu woman. That way, she an always leave whenever she feels like. They are also said to be very insecure and nagging.

3). They are lazy in bed – Unlike Kamba, Taita, Maasai or women from other tribes, Kikuyu women are said to be lazy in bed. Their prowess in identifying cash opportunities is not directly proportional to their bedroom abilities. Talk in the streets is that they are naturally lazy. They sit down a lot. Could this be the reason they have large breast sizes than they have their behind?


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