10 stunning images of Otile Brown’s new girlfriend


Following his bitter-sweet relationship with socialite Vera Sidika that ended with a break up, Otile Brown’s patience in moving on and ability to lay low key has finally paid off.

Through an Instagram post that has since gone viral, Otile Brown indirectly hits back at Vera Sidika one last time as he reveals wedding plans with his new soul mate.

“Yani wewe na uhuni na ujanja wako wote lazima utakutana na kiboko yako atakaye kutuliza..” Wrote Otile Brown.

The sensational hit maker who’s taken Kenya by storm through hits such as Chaguo la Moyo, Samantha, and Baby Love among others added that he is done jumping from one woman to another hinting at a futue wedding with his new Baby love.

“Wifi yenu @nabbi__ wewe kiboko.. tell e’m am done done Nimewala sana sai nimetulia staki mbwembwe,”

Whether Otile Brown’s new relationship will finally lead to marriage or end up with more teas on Social Media is a story that only time can tell.


For now,we wish the two love birds in town a happy union.

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